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Welcome to our Panasonic Spare parts sales!

The well-known brand Panasonic has been manufacturing products since 1985 to give its customers the maximum comfort in their homes. The company has roots in Japan and is today a huge international company known for its good quality.


All our Panasonic spare parts are original from Panasonic, which ensures longevity, warranty, and efficiency of your Panasonic system. In our range you will find filters, sensors, fan bearings and tank sensors, among other things.

All our heat pump spare parts are covered by a 12-month warranty, all to give you as a customer as much safety and security with your heat pump as we can. 


To make it easier for you as a customer, we have chosen to divide our spare parts for Panasonic into two different categories, a category that contains all the different spare parts per type and a category that is aimed to you who know what type of pump you have.


If there is a spare part from Panasonic that you cannot find or something else that you are wondering about, please contact us and we will help you. You can reach us on chat every day between 8am and 9pm, by phone (+44) 8082 8080 07 or by email


On our page JS Education, you will find lots of useful information regarding the established brands of heat pumps and boilers. There we have collected user manuals, product sheets, installer manuals, electrical diagrams, service manuals, guides as well as answers to common questions about spare parts and functionality.





    22.52£ incl. VAT 18.01£ excl. VAT Add to Cart

    42.28£ incl. VAT 33.82£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  3. IntesisHome remote control for Panasonic air conditioners

    IntesisHome remote control for Panasonic air conditioners.

    Spare part number: PAW-AC-WIFI-1B
    397.86£ incl. VAT 318.29£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  4. Lead-Wire Panasonic WH-MDC16H6E5

    Lead-Wire Panasonic WH-MDC16H6E5
    88.07£ incl. VAT 70.45£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  5. Pan heater - WH-MXC12G9E8

    Pan heater - WH-MXC12G9E8
    549.48£ incl. VAT 439.58£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
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