Toshiba Fan Motor

Replacing a fan motor is a good and affordable measure to maintain good operating conditions for your Toshiba heat pump. A whistling or howling from your heat pump can mean that the fan motor bearings have become worn out. 
There are fan motors in both the indoor and outdoor part, but perhaps it is most common for the outdoor fan to give up first. 
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 Do you have a problem with your fan motor and have decided to replace it? We have compiled a step by step guide for you as a customer to feel confident in the execution of your change. 


GUIDE-How to replace the Fan motor on your air / air outdoor unit 


 A few things to keep in mind before you start installing the Fan Motor 
* Turn off the electricity completely, preferably from the plug cabinet. 
* Before removing the old motor, make sure that the replacement motor and connectors are identical to the old one. 
Not all installations are done in the exact same way, but to a large extent. There are many manufacturers of fan motors, some of the largest are for example: IVT, Canvac, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and many more. 
Estimated time: 1h 
What do you need: Screwdriver, Tip bar, Socket wrench 8mm 
Step 1: 
Start by unscrewing the front, grille and lift off the lid, use a screwdriver. 
Step 2: 
When the grille is gone, unscrew the screw located in the middle of the fan using an 8mm socket wrench, then remove the fan from the motor. If the fan is stuck, you can try spraying some 5-56 on it.
Step 3:
There are 4 screws on the fan motor that must be removed before you can remove it. 
Step 4: 
Disconnect the cable connected to the motor, follow the cable and see where it leads. Disconnect and unplug the cable together with the fan motor using a tip rod. A tip is that you take a photo of how the cable sits to be able to look back at when the new cable is to be connected. 
Step 5: 
Now that the old motor is disconnected, it is time to insert the new one, screw on the new motor in the same way as you removed it. Route the new cable the same way you removed it and connect it in the same place as the previous cable. 
Step 6: 
Now it's time to put the fan back on, do not forget the screw in the middle. 
Step 7: 
When the front and the grille are still gone, it is a good idea to remove any dirt that may be there. 
Replace the front and grille and cover with all screws 

Step 8: 
Turn on the power again and you're done! 


  1. Fan for Toshiba RAS13SKVP-ND indoor unit

    Fan for Toshiba RAS13SKVP-ND indoor unit
    558.03£ incl. VAT 446.42£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  2. Fan motor 42T21449 to Indoor Unit Shorai RAS-25PKVSG-ND

    Fan motor 42T21449 to Indoor Unit Shorai RAS-25PKVSG-ND
    276.93£ incl. VAT 221.54£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  3. Fan motor 43T21375

    Fan motor 43T21375

    252.99£ incl. VAT 202.39£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  4. Fan motor 43T21421

    Fläktmotor 43T21421 passar till Toshiba RAS-35PKVPG-ND, RAS-25G2KVP-ND, RAS-35G2KVP-ND och RAS-35PKVSG-ND
    401.19£ incl. VAT 320.95£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  5. Fan motor 43T21430

    43T21430 Fläktmotor / Fan motor

    506.26£ incl. VAT 405.00£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  6. Fan motor 43T21433

    Fläktmotor till bland annat RAS-10SKV2-E, RAS-13SKV2-E 7301633
    240.45£ incl. VAT 192.36£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  7. Fan motor 43T21460 to Outdoor Unit Shorai

    Fan motor 43T21460 to Outdoor Unit Shorai RAS-25PAVSG-ND / RAS-35PAVSG-ND
    225.34£ incl. VAT 180.27£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  8. Fan motor 43T21494

    Fan motor 43T21494
    319.49£ incl. VAT 255.59£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  9. Fan motor indoor unit RAS-M10SKCV-E Motor / RAS-M13SKCV-E

    Fläktmotor till innedel RAS-M10SKCV-E Motor / RAS-M13SKCV-E
    209.00£ incl. VAT 167.20£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  10. Fan motor outdoor unit ICF-140-43-4R

    Fläktmotor utedel ICF-140-43-4R passar till Toshiba RAS-13SAVP-ND
    298.87£ incl. VAT 239.10£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  11. Fan motor RAS-B10SKVP

    436.43£ incl. VAT 349.14£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  12. Fläktmotor / fan motor 43T21410

    Fläktmotor / fan motor 43T21410 som passar till RAS-167SKV-E3, RAS-167SKV-E5, RAS-167SKV-E7, RAS-16SKV2-E
    304.00£ incl. VAT 243.20£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  13. Fläktmotor 43F2C068

    Fläktmotor till HWS-603H-E
    347.13£ incl. VAT 277.70£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  14. Fläktmotor till utedel HWS-802H-E

    Fläktmotor till utedel HWS-802H-E
    499.70£ incl. VAT 399.76£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  15. Lager 43T22312

    Lager 43T22312 passar till RAS-25G2AVP-ND OBS! motsatta sidan av fläktmotorn
    50.73£ incl. VAT 40.58£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  16. Motor till kondensorfläkt

    Fläktmotor till Toshiba utedel
    889.58£ incl. VAT 711.66£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  17. Motor-fan 4302C103 to Outdoor Unit Daiseikai 9

    Motor-fan 4302C103 to Outdoor Unit Daiseikai 9 RAS-25PAVPG-ND and RAS-35PAVPG-ND
    359.29£ incl. VAT 287.43£ excl. VAT Add to Cart
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