With over 20 years of combined expertise in heating systems, we have extensive experience with heat pumps, heating units, accessories and spare parts.

We stock most of the spare parts from CTC, Bosch, IVT, Autoterm, Elektrostandard, Nibe, Panasonic and Värmebaronen’s heat pump assortment, spare parts for both new and old heat pumps.

Apart from stocking and selling spare parts for heat pumps, we have spare parts for electric boilers, wood boilers, combi boilers and other types of heating equipment manufactured by Nibe, CTC, Bosch, IVT, Autoterm, Panasonic, Värmebaronen and ElektroStandard. Ensure that your heat pump is optimized with our original spare parts, the best accessories and the absolute best service in Sweden.

When it comes to spare parts for your heat pump, we normally ship the part the same day the order arrives. 

We ship all over Europe, the price is calculated based on your choice of country in the checkout.

Additional local fees, taxes and duties will be charged for deliveries to the UK. These charges are not visible in the checkout, but are collected by the shipping company or customs.

Feel free to contact us through our very effective chat function, you’ll find it in the bottom right corner!


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