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JS Energi is the leading supplier of parts and accesories in Europe to both private and commercial customers.

Since many of our customers are service companies and we have a lot of customers that needs help with their heat pumps and Air Conditioners we have taken the next step in delivering care free ownership of heating units. 

A heat pump needs service, troubleshooting and regular maintenance to deliver the maximum effect and cost savings. 

JS Energi doesn't deliver service ourselves in the UK, but based on our knowledge of heat pumps and Air Conditioners we have choosen to cooperate with the best and moste customer focused service ocmpanies in the UK, and when you fill in a form in our site that means that you will be contacted by the service company within 1 working day to arrange a meeting. 

At every page in every region you can see which service company we cooperate with, fully transparent. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a mail at or contact us on our chat in the right corner. 

Select your region in the menu to the left to continue. 

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