Sensors CTC Heat Pumps

We store the most common sensors for CTC heat pumps and other CTC manufactured equipment.

At the moment we are updating all our online products, but if you have any questions or questions about which spare part or sensor that fits your CTC boiler or heat pump, please do not hesitate to contact us at, chat down to the right or on the phone (+44) 0113 328 1599.


  1. Cable to sensor (2 wires) 15m

    Kabel att använda till givare som kräver 2 ledare
    21.40£ incl. VAT 17.12£ excl. VAT
  2. CTC hot gas sensor (V3) 1,25m

    Hot gas sensor 1.25m for V3 and 400 series. Red cable without contact, peeled , with cable ties.
    35.90£ incl. VAT 28.72£ excl. VAT
  3. CTC Outdoor sensor excl cover 1.2 m to EcoAir V3

    Utegivare för CTC EcoAirV3. L=1200 Ersätter RSK 621 0111 på alla EAV3 övriga produkter använder RSK 6210118
    39.40£ incl. VAT 31.52£ excl. VAT
  4. Defrost CTC EcoAir V3 2m

    Avfrostningsgivare CTC EcoAir V3 serien. Längd 2m
    CTC EcoAir 105-125 V3 (2st/VP)
    38.90£ incl. VAT 31.12£ excl. VAT
  5. Givare CTC 22K 5m till nyare Ecozenith

    Givare CTC 22K 5m till nyare Ecozenith
    65.63£ incl. VAT 52.50£ excl. VAT
  6. Outdoor sensor CTC

    Utomhusgivare CTC
    Utomhusgivaren passar CTCs följande modeller: 
    35.30£ incl. VAT 28.24£ excl. VAT
  7. Outdoor sensor to EcoEl / EcoHeat v1

    Utegivare till EcoEl/Ecoheat v1
    57.50£ incl. VAT 46.00£ excl. VAT
  8. Outdoor sensor with housing, 15 m

    Outdoor sensor 8201- to CTC Total blue panel (from 1982 v01)
    42.40£ incl. VAT 33.92£ excl. VAT
  9. Room sensor CTC

    Room sensor
    98.90£ incl. VAT 79.12£ excl. VAT
  10. Sensor 22kΩ, brine / tank stecker 500mm

    CTC 22kohms Brinegivare med Stecker kontakt 500mm
    35.90£ incl. VAT 28.72£ excl. VAT
  11. Sensors 2k2Ω m stecker 0.4m

    Givare 2k2Ω m stecker 0,4m.
    53.80£ incl. VAT 43.04£ excl. VAT
  12. Sensors CTC sow 0.9m

    Givare CTC suggas 0,9 m
    Inklusive buntband special
    34.40£ incl. VAT 27.52£ excl. VAT
  13. Sensors Tank 22K L = 2500

    Givare Tank 22K L=2500
    62.50£ incl. VAT 50.00£ excl. VAT
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